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Dreamland. Not quite. Almost.

Dreamland - Robert L. Anderson

I very much enjoyed the concept of Dreamland - and for the most part it was a sound, enjoyable and engaging read, probably my favourite thing about it was the imagery - the dreamscape Robert L Anderson creates is clever and atmospheric, the portions of the tale where Dea is walking dreams had a great depth to them, occasionally very shiver inducing.

The plotting is intriguing, a "girl meets boy" fairly standard tale with a twist, as Dea breaks all the dreamwalking rules and creates rifts it was very fascinating and pretty addictive. For me though it fell down towards the end, the resolution if you like didnt really appeal to me, not because it was badly thought out but it felt like there should be a lot more to know. I was left with a feeling it was incomplete - if this was/is the start of a series it would work much better, but this is unclear. If this is a standalone, for this reader it did not satisfy as a complete story.

Having said that, the writing is excellent, there are some little twists of fate in there that are very clever, characterisation is great, loved Dea and the rest - plus there is a mystery layer thrown in that worked within the wider dream theme very well.

A good read. I kind of hope that there will be more. If there is I will be reading it.