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The Last Gasp. Lack of Oxygen bad. Very very bad.

The Last Gasp - Trevor Hoyle

The Last Gasp was originally published back in 1983, set in the future (which actually starts in 2016 here) it follows a series of scientific types who realise that the Earth is moving towards being unable to sustain life rather too fast and political types that have their own agendas – and ends up being a wildly sprawling yet intriguing and fascinating novel that hits quite close to home.


It was not without its faults for me, the concept was sound and definitely thought provoking, the characters are brilliantly drawn and for the majority of its rather tome like length I was completely immersed. The action so to speak takes place over a number of years, this is a slow burner of a literary fantasy novel with a hard scientific edge.


However, for want of a better way of putting it, it did bang on a bit in places. I enjoyed the scientific elements very much, Trevor Hoyle writes it so it is easily understandable whilst making his characters sound professional, but there were moments in this novel that I was begging him to PLEASE not tell me anything else about plankton. Or oxygen. Or how it all works within the eco system.  I get it already. Lack of Oxygen bad!


Even having said that though, despite my preference being for less science more story on occasion, The Last Gasp is really very clever, definitely will give you pause for thought and descriptively speaking is stunning – so it has an awful lot going for it. And if you love extending your knowledge with a lot of added information as well as being entertained you will adore this from first page to last. I thoroughly enjoyed almost all of it and would definitely recommend it to science fiction and fantasy fans.