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Dark Corners indeed...

The Darkest Corners - Kara Thomas

The Darkest Corners is that kind of atmospheric, cleverly twisted type of Young Adult novel that I’m very fond of when done really well and in this case it was done really well.


Tessa and Callie were best friends until one dark night that has reverberated down the years until the point where we join the story which finds Tessa going back to Fayette to face down her demons whilst dealing with the loss of her father. Secrets still bubble below the surface, dangerous secrets that could have widespread consequences.


I loved the vibe that Kara Thomas has brought to these indeed very dark corners – a character driven tale of monsters hiding in plain sight and childish memories given adult context. Tessa and Callie both have changed perceptions, having drifted apart they need to come back together in order to discover the truth but when everyone has something to hide its not that easy.


Some emotional and thought provoking themes run through the narrative, giving pause for consideration, whilst the author tells a damn fine and addictive story – some lovely little twists and turns take you down many paths until the ultimate and unexpected conclusion.


In short an absolutely terrific psychological thriller that whilst aimed at the YA market is a fantastic read for fans of this genre whatever age they may be. A definite page turner with some clever construction, some wonderful writing and in the end the only thing that really matters – a darn good yarn. With a definitive creepy factor. I loved it.


Highly Recommended.