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Fool me Once. Or you know, several times. Then again. Darnit!

Fool Me Once - Harlan Coben

Fool me Once. Or if you are Harlan Coben fool me once, then again, then just when I’ve got a grip on things do it again. Yep that master of the double triple quadruple twist is back and on top form here with this novel – in which I smugly assumed several times that I knew where it was going then Mr Coben basically went “ha ha ha NO because see?” Sigh.


Anyway, this was great. A one sitting read, fairly bombs along, great characters, a twisted story in multiple layers and yet of course if only you could bring yourself to stop looking left when you should be looking right, everything would be incredibly simple. But there you have the genius of this kind of storytelling and it is a sheer joy to watch unfold.


Maya has lost her husband after losing her sister, she is a mother and an ex soldier, suffering from trauma – it is hardly strange that when her dead husband appears to be very much alive via her nanny cam she doubts herself and all those around her. As she starts to unravel the mystery of his death (or not as the case may be) things are only going to get more strange and obscure. But Maya is pretty determined…


Harlan Coben mixes it up with an eclectic and fascinating cast of characters, a mystery that would give Agatha Christie writers envy and a fast paced ever developing plot that keeps you hopping madly from one foot to the other. Just for larks he throws in some thought provoking themes within the narrative which gives it even more of an edge then basically messes with your head for a bit before dumping a killer ending on you.


Clever. Very very clever. Loved it. More like this one please.


Highly Recommended.