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The Primrose Path

The Primrose Path - Rebecca Griffiths, Hachette Audio UK, Janine Cooper Marshall

The Primrose Path is a twisty delight of a tale, brilliantly constructed, highly addictive and with some great characters and a winding beautifully written plot that is really engaging.


So you've got Sarah (Or Rachel as she now calls herself) running away from her past and finding a new life in a small Welsh community. Making new friends, trying to leave the horror behind, it seems idyllic. But a difficult neighbour and a string of murders in a nearby town threaten to spoil the new life she is trying to find..


One of the things  I loved about The Primrose Path was the truly intriguing character studies Rebecca Griffiths presents as we see various lives unfolding. Rachel herself of course, but also her Mother left behind, various people living in the community and other more peripheral characters. Intermingled with these the voice of a killer...

Everybody has something to hide, the psychological depth given to each individual makes for a really fascinating read as you try to sort out which secrets are important and which are just human nature, those things we all keep hidden within. I was particularly intrigued by Idris who I had a strange kind of sympathy for despite his, erm, not so nice nature. He is just one of a number of brilliantly drawn characters who make this so good.


Added to that descriptively Rachel Griffiths has a wonderful way with language, making you see the beauty and the wild heart of Wales, but also giving a real sense to what each character is feeling and how they are reacting to events. Overall it just gives an added something to an already captivating story.


Reading as many twisty tales as I do, I did see where the author was going with this around halfway through - but not in its entirety there are a lot of surprises to be had here, not just one simple resolution. Another reason why it is so good - an intelligent character driven story that is genuinely fun to read.


Highly Recommended