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No One Knows. No really. NO ONE KNOWS

No One Knows - J.T. Ellison

Now anyone that follows my reviews (thank you!) will know that I’m a huge fan of twisty tales, those stories with incredibly well drawn characters that keep you on your toes for the entire time and hopefully surprise you at the end.


There have been rumblings that this type of story has now been done to death, that there are no surprises, nothing new. Well whilst J T Ellison has not necessarily done something new here what she HAS done is written a corker of a psychological thriller, with some intensely disturbing yet loveable characters, subtle twists that make you crazy and created a brilliantly atmospheric page turner.


Aubrey is entirely fascinating – dealing with the loss of her husband, facing down an uncertain future and haunted by a challenging childhood. We first meet her just as Josh is being officially declared dead, from there things just start happening, she keeps seeing familiar faces but is someone watching her or is she going crazy? Frankly I think I’ve gone crazy trying to get a handle on her, but this is the beauty of this kind of novel when it is done this well.


Aubrey is not alone in the fascinating character department. As we start getting snippets of the past, time hopping to start bringing the bigger picture into focus, we have Mother in Law Daisy who has never liked Aubrey, new man in her life Chase, best friend Meghan and indeed Josh himself. Weaving an intricate web around this bunch, J T Ellison creates a truly engaging tale of human nature and nurture,  reminding us once again that you can never really know someone when it comes to their inner thoughts or motives. Clever, unpredictable and GREAT fun to read.


You may or may not see the end coming, but it doesnt matter – in “No One Knows” the solution could be anything – some seriously twisted people in here – JUST the way I like it.


Highly Recommended.