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Death in Profile. Beautifully quirky.

Death in Profile - Guy Fraser-Sampson

I really enjoyed Death in Profile – whoever called it a love letter to the detective novel was spot on and I’m not sure that any review I write can say it better than that but hey, we’ll give it a go.


You have totally old school writing and atmosphere – think Christie and indeed Ms Sayers and you will probably get a sense of what this novel is like.  It is a bit like reading back in the golden age of crime writing to paraphrase Ruth Dugdall but with a superbly contemporary twist –  a modern day police force investigating a series of murders using a mix of current methods and, due to a superbly constructed plot, having to utilise a very old fashioned approach.


The characters are beautifully drawn, they feel like old souls in new bodies – all of them are intriguing, engaging and the author weaves some wonderfully quirky interactions into the narrative, some of the set scenes so to speak are a joy to behold.


Add to that a great mystery, that twists and turns and misdirects you the entire time, the centre of the story has an unconventional heart and soul that will totally absorb you. It is a bizarre tale in a lot of ways but GOOD bizarre, a little gem of difference within a genre of (brilliant but) similar stories and one that I would highly recommend.