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Who Are You? Because you could be anybody....

Who Are You? - Megan Henley, Linda Watson-Brown

Who Are You is actually a truly scary tale - my heart goes out to Megan Henley who went through this and it does prove the point that truth really can be stranger than fiction.

I won't go into too much about it as you are better living it as it unfolds, but it speaks to the inherent danger of giving almost automatic trust to someone you meet online. We all do it. In Megan's case it led to horror and heartache as she came under the control of a manipulative liar who controlled her through fear..

I did find the narrative a little dry on occasion and often sat there open mouthed as she believed yet another unlikely thing - but to be honest, like she points out at the end, prior to these events she would not have considered herself to be gullible and indeed does not come across that way, so who knows how any of us would act under these circumstances.

It was an interesting and often difficult read, a cautionary tale of our time.

Recommended for fans of true story drama