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Hide and Seek (Jess Tennant Mysteries) - Jane Casey

The third in the Jess Tennant series, another favourite of mine (Its that Jane Casey and her hugely credible and loveable characters) and this finds Jess once more caught up in the undercurrents of the town in which she lives and getting more involved than she should be. She’s tenacious that one. A Nancy Drew for the modern times..


As an adult reading these I always get more emotionally entangled with the adult relationships within – which are given just as much gravitas – and like Derwent in the Maeve Kerrigan series I find myself mostly wanting to read about Dan – a man after my own heart. Yes ok I like the slightly  dangerous ones.


The thing about these though is that they are great crime novels. Aimed at the young adult audience but tackling a whole plethora of grown up issues, you always find a banging intriguing mystery alongside general teenage angsting plus a plethora of fascinating interpersonal relationships that ebb and flow like the tides of Port Sentinal. (Note – I’m on team Ryan)


Moving along then to actual important stuff like are these novels good – YES they are blinking brilliant. Highly readable, funny, full of heart and spot on page turning material.


Highly Recommended.