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Trust No One. No really TRUST NO ONE.

Trust No One - Clare Donoghue

Devoured this book in one sitting. Today. I did actually just read it today pretty much. Highly addictive. But you know, having read this authors previous two novels I really should have been prepared. I seriously meant to do some housework today. No really…


Anyway, Trust No One. I think that is really quite a good piece of life advice and not only if you have a missing sister (sorry geek X-Files reference there) but in the case of this book it is definitely a truth. Clare Donoghue has written a brilliantly twisty thriller once more, with a terrific ultimate solution that I ALMOST didn’t see coming. Note the almost. It was close though and actually I would have been happy to have been beaten by this particular novel as it was such a brilliantly clever read.


Lockyer and Bennett are back, Jane in recovery still but back at work and Mike having gone through somewhat of a personality transplant which kind of made me love him even more. The character development for our regulars is really terrific here, layers being added with every book just the way any crime reading fan loves.


As for the story, this is quite an emotive tale, speaking to several family issues, that of divorce, shared custody, child protection, when a father is murdered every aspect of his life is put under the spotlight. The relationships he had with his kids, his ex-wife, his friends, all the intimate details being dragged out for examination – the strain this puts on all concerned comes across really well and provides for some quite emotional moments.


This will keep you on your toes – you really will “Trust No One” as the story flows along turning you first one way then another, showing some of the events leading up to the death and what comes after – great construction, great page turning potential (actually you will just keep turning those pages no matter what – I really WILL do some housework tomorrow) and pretty much cementing Clare Donoghue’s place on my must read list. Never mind – who needs a tidy house anyway?


Highly Recommended