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A genuinely strong series...

Breakdown: An Alex Delaware Novel - Jonathan Kellerman

This is Alex Delaware #31 now – that is an incredible body of work especially when you look at the standard throughout – ok there has been the occasional dip but for the most part these have been engaging, intriguing and brilliant reads, Breakdown being no exception.


I’m hugely fond of these characters – Alex, Milo,  et al. And each different mystery brought to the doorstep of our dynamic duo has its own dark underbelly and different way of getting to the reader. In the case of Breakdown a child is missing, a child who is already vulnerable by virtue of having a disturbed mother – but as ever there is a lot more to it than that.


I like Jonathan Kellermans own unique writing style very much – he uses what I call pragmatic prose to draw you in and keep you turning the pages. He still manages to surprise, he still manages to add layers to characters you would think to know off by heart by now. Not everyone could pull off a series of this length and keep it at such a high calibre but somehow he does.


Overall then I’d recommend this as much as I do every other Delaware novel – that is very highly.You can pick up any of them and enjoy it in case you are gulping at the thought of 31 books and have not yet started, just pick one and dive in if you fancy giving them a go. I’m also a fan of Faye and Jesse Kellerman, hopefully I have many a happy read ahead of me from this very talented bunch.