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Scream if you want to go faster...

Zero-G (Outer Earth) - Rob Boffard

Some of you may remember how much I loved Tracer.


If not HERE is a timely reminder.


So actually I was vaguely nervous about reading Zero-G because hey, you love a book then you think “hell, how can that be topped?” and you circle around the next one carefully – no need. No need at ALL. Seriously, trust the writers when they know what they are doing and Rob Boffard knows exactly what he is doing and does it bloody brilliantly, Zero-G was the most fun I’ve had with a book this year so far…


Scream if you want to go faster – and Zero-G will oblige, this IS fast, furious, terribly exciting edge of the seat stuff start to finish. But what about the characters I hear you cry? Well they are perfect and delectable, you’ll eat them up and if you were not in love with Riley Hale before this you will be after it. She is only the beginning too, the whole novel is beautifully imagined with a whole plethora of people peppering the pages for you to adore with a passion and hate with a fiery vengeance.


Heart stopping stuff right here, the story drags you along in its wake, with twists and turns and lots of hanging from cliffs by fingernails (that was just me) with an ending that will make you willing to sell your soul to get book 3 (drums fingers impatiently)


Not sure what else to say really. I’m certainly not going to spoil anything. You’ll feel like someone just threw you out of a plane without a parachute but boy it is one HELL of  a ride.


Highly Recommended.