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The Stopped Heart: A Novel - Julie Myerson

The one thing "The Stopped Heart" has achieved is to ensure that I read this authors back catalogue. This is some beautiful writing right here.

It is a story full of atmosphere, a truly emotional look at love, loss, life, death and all the stuff inbetween. Julie Myerson weaves a haunting and evocative web here as we learn about Mary, living with devastation, caught up in the moment unable to move on. Alongside her and us the readers, is Eliza, 100 years earlier, about to experience some devastation of her own.

As the narrative links the two characters, through event and circumstance, through emotion and a hint of other, Julie Myerson writes with true sense of feeling, painting a real picture of different lives lived in the same area many years apart. Tragedy links the two - this is both horrific and very real throughout - you know that something is coming for Eliza but trust me you will not be prepared. And Mary, her loss is tangible, you can taste it - as she struggles to maintain her relationship with her Husband, also grieving, as she tries to find some semblance of a life worth living, this is beautifully done.

This is about memory. About events echoing down the ages. About hearts broken into a million pieces and the struggle to mend them. I loved it.