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BloodyDamn! What a rush.....

Morning Star - Pierce Brown

This book is insane, brilliant, relentless, absorbing, heart stopping, unpredictable, glorious and I do not know that I will ever read anything like this trilogy again. It is done. I am bereft.

There are no actual words in the English language good enough to describe the emotional rollercoaster that the Red Rising Trilogy has been. And Pierce Brown has just given a masterclass in how to write a finale, how to reward and distress and lift up and throw down the reader, the sheer audacity of the language and how it invades your subconscious has to be seen to be believed. Incredible. **sobs into pillow**

A full review and retrospective of the series will appear on the blog in due course, once the novel is released into the wild and some time has passed for all the Howlers to read it. If you have not started yet then do. Do NOT miss this. No matter what your favourite genre, no matter if the words YA make you assume things, no matter what do not miss this.

"If This Is The End I Will Rage Toward It" - Darrow of Lykos