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Glass Sword. **cries into pillow**

Glass Sword (Red Queen) - Victoria Aveyard

And BOOM Victoria Aveyard does it again.


LOVED this. I was a huge fan of Red Queen the first in this series, and like Red Queen I suspect you will either love this with a fiery passion or not really be on board for the ride. There didn't seem to be much inbetween back then but for me this was a pitch perfect part two. I've just turned the final pages, my heart is racing and I want to throw darts at the author because GODARNIT I've got to wait a year at least now. Really. There should be a law or something.

In Glass Sword Mare starts building her army - having been betrayed at the most basic level she trusts nobody at all - least of all herself. The mythology deepens, the character arcs expand, we find new friends and old and jeez can Ms Aveyard write a villain and a half. In trying very hard not to spoil Red Queen for those of you who might have missed it and want to start at the beginning I shall name no names...

This bangs along at a rate and a half - you have action and adventure (and some moments where you are gritting your teeth and praying to a God you might not believe in) a touch of romance which is so ingrained into the narrative that it is not in any way annoying (a trait that some YA Dystopia can suffer from) and in Mare you have a creative, infuriating, flawed and fascinating anti heroine who you will adore and detest in equal measure at certain points as events unfold. The Lightning Girl is feisty indeed.

All the characters are great, and the relationships that Victoria Aveyard builds and breaks between them will have you feeling all the emotions, there is a great mix of action and contemplation that works so terrifically well. As for that ending. OH THAT ENDING. **mutters a bit more**

Did I say I loved it? I LOVED it. Emma Kavanagh this one is for you. (I'm sorry)

Happy Reading Folks!