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The Thirteenth Coffin - Nigel McCrery

Really enjoyed The Thirteenth Coffin. It was really uber creepy crime which always appeals to me - those tiny dolls in those tiny coffins *shudder*

I love Lapslie too - he's a great addition to the memorable detective group, his condition making things just that bit more interesting. It actually works strangely well knowing how other characters might taste as well as act and look. Yes ok I'm a little strange myself but it is a fascinating condition - one I've come across before with other characters in other books but not done quite so cleverly as it is in the Lapslie novels.

As for this particular story I refer you back to my earlier uber creepy comment. This was particularly disturbing, for a start I'm not a huge fan of dolls in the first place horrible scary things, but teeny tiny ones murdered and stuck into teeny tiny coffins? Noooooo hurry up and catch THIS killer please DCI Lapslie.

The story rocked along, twisting and turning, as our gang go after a killer and unravel the mystery, the pace is set fair, the descriptive prose working to keep you off kilter and as I said. Great characters. I'm especially fond of Bradbury.

Highly readable addictive Crime. Wonderful!