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The Passenger....

The Passenger - Lisa Lutz

I LOVED this.

It was one of those books that you start then look up and a few hours have gone by and you are nearly at the end. It literally went by in a FLASH one of the most addictive novels I've read so far this year.

I believe this is the authors first foray into thrillers (I have not read her previous novels) and all I can say if that is the case is PLEASE WRITE MORE.

So we follow "Tanya" then, who goes on the run after the death of her husband. It feels like this is something she may have done before (run) then when she meets "blue" things start spiralling...

This is twisty and delicious as Tanya goes on her way, inhabiting various personas and trying to escape her past. But it has a way of catching up with you and her own personality is changing too - things move fast, bits and pieces are revealed along the way, leading up to a really terrific finale that just left me wanting more. I shall miss all those characters...

Lisa Lutz does this sort of thing really well - exploring her characters psychological spirits and giving them great depth and perception. Love them or loathe them (and I did a bit of both with all of them during the course of the story) you can't help but be fascinated from first page to last. Or perhaps reading being so subjective I should say I was fascinated from first page to last. I read it in one big gorgeous gulp and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

I have one complaint - I'd like to know more about Blue. It feels like she has a WHOLE LOAD more to say - so if this author is one of those that reads an occasional review and happens to read this one perhaps I could put in an avid reader request - A sequel? A Prequel? Even a novella would do. I would be first in line. Blue I loved. Hey I always like the twisted ones....

Overall a really exellent read that comes highly recommended from me.

Happy Reading Folks!