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Bone by Bone...

Bone by Bone - Sanjida Kay

Bone By Bone is both a top psychological thriller and an emotional and hard hitting look at the insidious nature of bullying - it is a bit of a page turner I read 3/4 of this in one sitting and it is scary and realistic - the realism making it more scary than if it were complete fantasy or even read as being slightly unlikely.

Autumn is being bullied at school, her mother tries to put a stop to it and ends up making it worse after one definitive and far reaching decision made in the spur of the moment.

The nature of this novel, in that it shows the slow downward spiral of a mother and daughter whom the system lets down, is extremely topical and very haunting. As they struggle to deal with knock after knock, you will be absolutely glued to the pages, in disbelief and horror at how quickly one seemingly small incident can escalate into a targeted campaign of fear. The actions of the school, of the bully, of his Dad, of the other parents, all cleverly interwoven into the underlying sense of unease will really hit home and Sanjida Kay has a keen eye for the small details that really matter when it comes to telling a story.

One of the things I thought was particularly intriguing about Bone By Bone was the way it looked at many facets, the ending may be unexpected but feels absolutely right and whilst bullying is, by its very nature, a most horrific thing, there are often multiple layers at play and this novel speaks to that very well.

Excellent. Highly Recommended.