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The Ex.

The Ex: A Novel - Alafair Burke

Now I'm a sucker for a decent legal drama and to be honest there are not that many around at the moment that really hit the spot for me - but I should have known I could rely on Alafair Burke to give good courtroom and that is absolutely what happened here.

I was immediately on board with Olivia Randall, a strong and independant female lead, as she agrees to help an ex boyfriend navigate a triple murder charge - years ago Olivia disposed of her relationship with Jack Harris in a very brutal and definitive way, sending him into a downward spiral and making Olivia truly regret her actions. Now, 20 years later, Jack is a widower, in the wrong place at the wrong time when the wrong victim died, he is caught up in a system determined to convict him. Olivia believes that he is incapable of such action but how well does she really know him?

There was a beautiful flow to this one and a great storyline - the author drip feeds the information, we discover as Olivia does and the legal wranglings are brilliantly addictive and really keep you engaged. Is Jack a cold blooded murderer? Or can Olivia's original instinct be trusted...these questions are explored within a gripping and twisted narrative that keeps you unsure until the very final chapters - a true "whodunnit" with a legal battle focus and a bunch of intuitively placed and intriguing characters.

Overall excellent reading. Character driven, great psychological depth and some top lawyerly face off's I really enjoyed this and would recommend it.

Happy Reading Folks!