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Darkness Brutal, Darkness Fair.....

Darkness Fair (The Dark Cycle) - Rachel A. Marks

I loved "Darkness Brutal" the first book in this series and "Darkness Fair" was a rollicking read, engaging, fast, often furious, lots of action, a fair bit of ironic humour and a dose of rather twisted romance.

I like my YA Urban Fantasy to have a bit of grit and Rachel Marks adds plenty of grit to her narrative, following Aiden as his power develops, he begins to learn a little more about his background and parentage and continues on in his struggle to save his Sister from her dark destiny.

There is a great mythology sitting firmly behind all the action and angst - built up more here, in Darkness Brutal we got a feel for how things were, in Darkness Fair questions are answered whilst yet more arise and it really is highly addictive and very cleverly done. A proper page turner with a ending that had me gritting my teeth as I realised I'd have to wait for more, this is how to do it if you want a reader to stick with you until the end...

Not sure if this will be a trilogy or if the intention is to go on past the next novel - but whatever happens I'll be right there. I simply must find out how it all pans out for Aiden, Ava and the rest, the author has built a fantastic group dynamic, given us a likeable hero who you'd often like to kick up the butt and set them in a world where the darkness is hidden just below the surface and bubbles there furiously as you watch our protagonists attempt to save the world. And themselves. Its really great.

In my head I can imagine this as an ongoing tv show - a "Buffy"type vibe for the new generation, certainly the emotional threads running through this would work on that level and the story itself as it unfolds would be beautiful on screen.

Overall a terrific book 2. Roll on book 3. Tomorrow would be good...

Highly Recommended

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