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Personal - Lee Child

More Jack Reacher then and I enjoyed this one more than the last (not as much as the early ones) but it was very good. They always are. No messing around here, Jack Reacher is Jack Reacher and that is kind of comforting.

Don't expect any surprises there are not any. The thing I mostly enjoy about these when I think about it is the fact that they are easy, predictable, do exactly what you expect them to do and are perfect reading when you don't want to have to think too much but want to be entertained. Jack Reacher is highly entertaining. He was here.

The story is good, flows out in its usual indomitable style, Jack pops into some lives, gets rid of some bad guys, puts the good guys back on track, doesnt stand for nonsense and, well, buys a toothbrush. And some new clothes. Considering how simple it sounds (and in a lot of ways it is) I was enthralled as ever.

These are good readable books of the type that don't make promises they can't keep and the success of the series does not surprise me one bit and is absolutely deserved. Lee Child may never write War and Peace but he will be read forever I have no doubt.

Recommended for thriller fans.