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Crown of Midnight...

Crown of Midnight - Sarah J. Maas

Ye Gods but these are good. Book 2 has taken me a while, I've been eeking it out knowing I only have 2 more to go before I have to WAIT and I am not a patient person.

Following on from Throne of Glass, in this instalment Caelena is pretending allegiance to the King within her role as Kings Assassin but behind the scenes tells a very different story. I can't give things away about this one not even little things. Honestly just read them.

Sarah J Maas writes so vividly, in that way that some writers have that can just make you see it in your head - some of the scenes in Crown of Midnight are so visceral that they really get the blood up. The mythology being developed is fascinating and beautifully magical, with twists and turns and the many oh gosh moments that make a read intensely satisfying and pretty much ensure that you will be grabbing the next book immediately (which I am most definitely going to do)

Stunning writing, stunning imagination and incredibly top notch storytelling - Highly Recommended.