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Look At Me.

Look at Me - Sarah Duguid, Headline Digital, Katie Scarfe

Look At Me is a beautifully written family drama, absolutely chock full of fascinating characters and although short packs quite a punch.

Lizzy and her family are mourning the loss of her mother – when she one day discovers that she has a half sister she rashly reaches out – and in doing so changes everything.

I loved the family dynamic, the bohemian yet closed nature of the relationships between Lizzy, her brother Ig and dad Julian – and Sarah Duguid does a wonderful job of shaking up the status quo by inserting Eunice into the mix – a ball of energy that makes everyone reasses life and love.

The author has a fine eye for walking the character line – Everyone you meet here is well drawn and compelling. I loved Lizzy and the way she fell into things, as for Eunice, well. She exhausted me just reading about her I could easily imagine how having someone like her in your life would keep you on your toes.

It is an intriguing and clever take on the state of grief – emotionally resonant but very real – done in a way that keeps you turning those pages to find out the outcome for Lizzy and co – and whether Eunice would end up being a blessing or a curse. Her actions and the consequences made for a really really great read.