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Rebound - Nathalie Buscombe, Aga Lesiewicz, Pan Macmillan Publishers Ltd.

I really enjoyed Rebound it has to be said – it had a strange but highly addictive vibe to it and whilst it was not without its faults for me as a reader, it did have huge readability factor in the “Just one more chapter before I go to sleep” stakes. Yes it kept me up at night…

This book is all about Anna really. A strong independant woman who makes some strange choices then has to go with the consequential flow so to speak – her life gets turned on its head and everywhere she looks odd things are happening.

The author has written a psychological thriller with a twisty dark heart and somehow managed to make it read slightly differently to the norm even though a lot of the standard tropes are in here. I admired that and it made for a great story. I’m loathe to tell you too much about the plot lest I give things away – but Aga Lesiewicz throws everything and the kitchen sink into the suspect pool, making Anna’s state of mind and slow spiral into a dark place the reason for it. It is very cleverly done.

It fairly bangs along at an alarming rate as Anna faces fallout from her impulsive actions – occasionally (and this is where the slight fault was for me) it headed into extreme annoyance at the character territory in the one or two times that a little cliche was used. Why for example, do people NEVER answer their phones when that most important call comes. They answer every call ever. But not that one. Either the phone has just died (having never died before) or they have an argument in their own head to ignore the obvious or whatever, there are various standard plot uses that can be applied- there was a little of that here which I shook my head at but for the MOST part it was terrifically compelling and a fascinating character study.

It is dark, sexy, unrelenting and has a plethora of well drawn characters for you to suspect, love, hate and the rest – all the hallmarks of a top notch bit of storytelling in a novel sitting inside rather overcrowded genre right now. The resolution was well applied and fit in nicely with the rest and overall I’m quite happy to recommend this as one of the good ones. I’ll look forward with interest to what this author comes up with next.

Happy Reading Folks!