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GIRLS ON FIRE. Yes I needed to shout.

Girls on Fire - Robin Wasserman

Whilst it is way to early to do an in depth review of Girls on Fire, having finished it yesterday it is impossible for me to do anything other than tell you just a little about the reading experience. When 2016 is upon us and May approaches, which will be sooner than you think, I shall be talking a lot about this one and writing a much longer article about this whole wonderful, heartbreaking, intensely authentic piece of storytelling genius. Liz is about to get fanatical.


It is powerful, hard hitting, so full of beautiful and yes often unrelentingly emotional language, the very definition of words having power. It sucked me in and stole my soul. On the list of reads I’ll never forget this just went somewhere near the top of the pile.


I will read it again. And my “Quotes” book in which I keep a note of all the quotes from books that speak to me hard in the moment has over 3 pages added to it from this novel alone. So, you know. There it is.


Incredibly insightful, a novel that fills all the senses, I have never read a book quite like it and possibly never will again.


Highly Recommended in every way possible. If you are the type of reader that  feels every moment of the good ones you’d better hold onto your hats and be prepared.