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Where There's Smoke...

Where There's Smoke - Simon Beckett

This is a book the author first wrote years ago, revised and updated for the digital generation - It is a fast paced and fairly quick read following Kate as she decides she wants a baby - and lands herself in all types of trouble.


It didn't take me long to rocket through this one - it has some intriguing themes about nature v nurture, as Kate goes looking for a suitable donor for insemination, meets a seemingly perfect choice and then...well...things don't go entirely to plan.


I really enjoyed it, some great characters and and some thought provoking strands to the tale with reference to parenthood in all its glory and the choices we make for ourselves in that respect - then it turns into an edge of the seat psychological thriller as Kate begins to realise that her perfect man is not so perfect after all.


The mystery elements are cleverly interwoven into the wider aspects of the story - as those around her get dragged into the maelstrom that Kate's life has become she is having to make some difficult choices, it is utterly riveting in places and builds to a brilliantly tense ending.


Overall really excellent. As good as his later novels? No I'd say not, even with the updates (although I have not read the original work) but when the writer is as good as this one is "not as good" is still pretty darn impressive.




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