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This Raging Light.

This Raging Light - Estelle Laure

I picked up “This Raging Light” early yesterday morning and read half of it in one big gorgeous gulp, had to go to work, cursing all the way because I had to put the book down, then came back and read the other half of it, glaring fiercely at anyone who attempted to interrupt me. It was very very good.


Lucille is living on the edge of reason – her  father is gone, her mother too – left in charge of her younger sister, not daring to reach out for help lest they are parted, she is also battling her ever growing feelings for Digby and wondering what happened to her actual life.


Filled with emotionally resonant characters and telling the tale of one girl and her headlong forced entry into adulthood, I was immersed all the way as Lucille stumbles her way through enforced parenthood, falls in love and finds hope and aid  in unexpected ways. It speaks to both the inherent selfishness and the opposite inherent kindness that human nature gives us and wraps it up in one remarkably addictive novel.


Some of it is incredibly sad, a lot of it incredibly heart warming – some of it frustrating, Eden for example, sister to Digby and best friend to Lucille, I occasionally wanted to poke with a stick but also loved with a passion. This is not a long read, but it is fascinating, clever and very truthful in its feelings and intentions – a snapshot of a life thrown into turmoil and the different ways those close to us can react – really insightful writing,beautifully done.


This Raging Light is simple in its brilliance – storytelling with a realistic edge – if you like every issue resolved in a nice neat package by the end then you may find that this annoys you – for me it was perfect because it was life. Sometimes there are no actual answers to it, you just have to live it. Lucille comes to some conclusions, solves some immediate problems but when you leave her behind it is with a lot of life still to live and a lot of things still to learn about herself and the wider world. As such this story will remain with me, I will think sometimes of Lucille and how she and the rest of the cast may be doing as if they are real people. And there is the true art of storytelling right there.


Highly Recommended.


Happy Reading Folks!