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Bazaar of Bad Dreams

The Bazaar of Bad Dreams: Stories - Stephen King

I'm a big Stephen King fan (as most know) and I've always loved the short story collections so I was looking forward to this one with huge amounts of anticipation. Plus great title. Really.

This collection is overall really good - some obviously that I enjoyed more than others - and yeah, dear Mr King don't do poetry its really not your thing...

A couple of these I had read before when they were released as Kindle singles - I still read them again as part of this collection and one of them, UR, about a very different type of e-reader I loved even more this time, really clever little story.

The rest are a mish mash, some kept me up at night, some still have me thinking about them, all were great for me (poetry excluded, really didn't do it for me that one)in their own way. Especially fascinating because of the little introductions at the start of each which spoke to where the idea originally started - I've always loved these little insights into man who produces these tales, it just added so much in this case. The small dedications after each one were also lovely.

My favourites were "Batman and Robin have an altercation" - a story of a father and son and an incident of road rage, "Morality" which was a kind of King version of Indecent Proposal and Obits which was classic storytelling from this author. I would also like to give a nod to "Drunken Fireworks" a story that lived in my head during the reading, a visual delight.

Overall then an excellent read for me. I drip fed them to myself, a story for lunchtime, one before bed and that worked brilliantly for me (and also allowed me more time with a book I'd been so looking forward to)

As ever recommended. I know he doesnt do it for everyone these days even if originally fans, but for me personally whilst there have been ups and downs within the body of work, I have never been let down. Still the best as far as I am concerned, I just love the way he writes and engages. Long may it continue.

Happy Reading Folks!