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Extinction Point...

Extinction Point  - Paul Antony Jones

I'm a bit of a sucker for a good apocalypse it has to be said. Extinction Point was a highly readable example, lone surivor, strange alien goings on, people dropping dead all over the place and the world changing rather significantly.

This is a fairly short and quick read following our main protagonist Emily in the 7 days following a mysterious red rain that has wiped everyone else out (and not in a pretty way either, some of the descriptive passages in this novel are rather horrific which all adds to the fun). Emily is preparing to go looking for other survivors. In that interim though she is going to face some very weird goings on.

I very much enjoyed the concept and the execution of this one - I was quite fond of Emily, which always helps and I'm admittedly hooked into the narrative now and am going to HAVE to hunt down the sequels and see what is next. This is very much a "Part One" in that there are no answers to be found, simply questions - intriguing questions at that, the flow of it is pretty perfect, it was a 2 sitting read for me.

The fact that my chronic impatience kicked in as I read the epilogue bodes well, all in all a pretty great read and I'm looking forward to eventually getting my answers. Recommended for fans of post apocalyptic tales.

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