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My Heart and Other Black Holes

My Heart and Other Black Holes - Jasmine Warga

My Heart and Other Black Holes was obviously an important book for this author, the heart of it is full of a depth of emotion and shows a writer baring her heart a little. In that way, it is beautifully written and resonant and I can see exactly what this was trying to achieve. And would I believe for the target audience.

For me it didn't quite work. Whilst I was involved with the characters, they didn't quite stick and some of the things that happened and how it panned out didn't quite touch my heart in the way I expected despite the struggle they face which is well drawn.

Aysel and Roman meet through a suicide website, both looking for suicide partners. Lets gloss over for a moment the fact that Aysel just happens to find and end up meeting a good looking, athletic boy who is of a similar age - and move onto what happens next.

They agree a date and a method and start hanging out together so it will look less strange for them to be away with each other on THE day. They both start connecting with each other on a deeper level and whilst Roman remains determined Aysel begins to see light at the end of the tunnel.

Whilst the theme of depression is explored well here, there was an emotional disconnect for me because a lot of what happened seemed all too convenient. Aysel falls in love and love conquers all right? Well no, not really although we'd all like to think so. And it was WAY too quick. The novel is set over a period of about a month, and various things all happen in a heap in that time that begins Aysel's slightly hopeful upturn.

The two teenagers are well written and I think that, on a plus note, young adults reading this will therefore connect with them a lot more than I did. I got stuck I think on the unlikely things that happened and lost focus on the heart of the story - that of two young people struggling with severe depression.

It was a fast read and I liked that it ended on a more positive note. Nothing was fixed but some things were fixable. And it is a good story well told touching on some distinctly important issues.

But whereas "All the Bright Places" left me an emotional wreck and "Weightless" still haunts me to this day and "Unspeakable" made me cry both happy and sad tears, "My Heart and Other Black Holes" hasnt really hit me where it hurts. For that reason whilst I would positively recommend it to its target audience, for an older reader it just wasn't quite.

Happy Reading Folks!