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My Halloween Read: Dead Ringers by Christopher Golden.

Dead Ringers: A Novel - Christopher Golden

This really was my Halloween read this year - not only because it was creepy as all heck but because I read it in one big gulp during the evening and night, only stopping to ensure the neighbourhood children got their yearly sugar rush. By the end I was  jumping at shadows and sure every noise in the house was something coming to get me - Dead Ringers is a hugely atmospheric and unsettling story best read during the day if you are of a nervous disposition. Really, somebody could have told me that before it was dark....


Tess runs into her ex husband who pretends not to recognise her. Or so she thinks. A phone call later and she knows it was not actually him. Disconcerted but not unduly worried she tells her friend the story - only to discover that her friend, too, apparently has a double. The pair begin to investigate but things are going to get terrifyingly dangerous all too quickly..


I did thoroughly enjoy this one - Christopher Golden really does have a uniquely brilliant way of telling a story to get maximum impact on the senses, Dead Ringers is a deliciously dark and addictive read -one that will stay with you after you are done and not only because of the wonderfully haunting final sentences...


Descriptively speaking it is gorgeous, a real sense of menace and building tension, the author also writes terrific characters that you get a genuine feel for and want them to win out - but like in all good stories you get the impression throughout  that not everything is going to turn out happily ever after. There is a dark fairytale vibe about the narrative plus a taste of  old school horror, where the terror does not necessarily come from what you see in front of you.


One of my favourites of the year - I didn't think that this author could top Snowblind - a novel I read last year that truly gripped me - but Dead Ringers I think is one that I will remember in those middle of the night waking moments..and wonder for a moment just who might be outside the door..


Highly Recommended.