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Sanctuary Bay.

Sanctuary Bay - Melinda Metz, Laura J. Burns

Sanctuary Bay defied my expectations. In the best way possible. A really clever novel that starts off as one thing, morphs into something else then by the end has you hook line and sinker – never have I been happier to discover that this is an expected trilogy. A really great read.

Sarah Merson arrives at Sanctuary Bay Academy, determined to make a fresh start, but still with a bit of a chip on her shoulder with regards to her past versus the past of the over privileged that seem to dominate in this new environment. She is a really well drawn and absorbing character with an odd little twist – this alone means that you are immediately involved and intrigued by her story. Characters really are key in the first portion of the tale – she makes friends, an eclectic and equally well drawn supporting cast and the setting of the tale is beautifully imagined, an immersive read that will engage you well before any real dramatics.

And dramatics there are – Sanctuary Bay hides a dark and unexpected secret – one that Sarah will need to uncover if she is to survive this experience. Throughout the narrative the authors keep things fresh and mess with perceptions frequently so you are never quite sure what is going on until the reveals – which come in some genuinely edge of the seat moments that were utterly gripping.

Sanctuary Bay is a gorgeous mix of teen drama and, well, you’ll have to wait and see – but by the end of this I was fascinated by the background and the whole thing has an authentic ambience which makes you completely believe that anything is possible.

Great writing, great story, something a little bit different and I really am looking forward to seeing what happens next. Honestly. One of those times where my chronic impatience kicked in hard as I read the final pages…for that reason alone it would be highly recommended but on the basis of a little touch of storytelling genius, I’ll say highly HIGHLY recommended.