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Fall for Anything...

Fall for Anything - Courtney Summers

Courtney Summers is my favourite author of Young Adult reality novels - she brings such a great depth of emotion to her stories, always realistic characters and touching on some difficult and emotive issues and never, ever failing to make me cry. Every time dammit!

In "Fall for Anything" she takes on a tale of grief - Eddie has lost her father to suicide. All she wants to do is answer the unanswerable question - Why? As Eddie searches desperately for those answers she may never find, we are taken on that journey with her, it is heart wrenching, impossibly sad yet utterly addictive.

With Courtney Summers novels as with life, the ending may not be one you want - as ever she stuns you with reality rather than some beautifully imagined unlikely happy ending - yet there is hope as well as loss within the narrative, a moving on from one place to another, a kind of acceptance.

To sum up its just another typically brilliant novel from an author that is just going from strength to strength. Just read All The Rage if you don't believe me...

Happy Reading Folks!