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The Outsider

The Outsider (James Bishop 4) by Jason Dean (4-Jun-2015) Paperback - Jason Dean

I’m a huge fan of great thrillers and Jason Dean writes GREAT thrillers. The Bishop series is really coming into it’s own now, The Outsider is a step up even from the previous excellent novels and I loved every minute.


Basically what this author does is give us a terrific main protagonist (the aforementioned Bishop),  gets him to decide to do something (and nothing he decides to do is ever easy) and then throws as many obstacles into his path as is humanly possible and lets him do his thing. The flow of it is beautiful, the adrenalin rush comes what feels like every few pages and yet there is enough quiet contemplative moments to allow for some really good character development. A thriller with heart.


The Outsider has plenty of action, thrills and spills, some intuitively placed twists and turns and more excitement than is good for me on  a Sunday afternoon (when I devoured the last half with several cups of coffee and a wing and a prayer for Barney) Seriously addictive and James Bishop is to die for, a hero with his own distinctive style and a tendency to dig deep when the chips are down, you’ll be with him all the way. The villains of the piece are always eclectic and well developed so you do worry just a little about what might happen, there is a good dose of unpredictability which keeps things interesting.


Really excellent stuff. Move over Reacher I think you have been outplayed.


Highly Recommended.