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Generation - Heather Hildenbrand

So we come to the end of the Clone Chronicles then, a series I have really really enjoyed – I will absolutely miss Venn and the others, such great characters and an excellent story – I was really hoping that Heather Hildenbrand would give them a good send off.


And she did.


At the end of Deviation things were looking bleak for Venn – stuck back in Twig City, not sure what is going to happen – after a rescue she is determined to finally bring down Titus no matter the cost to her own personal morality.


It’s quite difficult to review a final book in a trilogy because you don’t want to give away anything for those who have yet to start it – and if you are a fan of YA dystopia then I would highly recommend these – but overall the entire story has had a beautiful cohesive flow to it with just the right amount of action, romance and surprises. Some interesting concepts explored here and the author has given her characters a lot of difficult choices to ensure that you are utterly compelled throughout.


The relationships drawn between Venn and the wider cast are excellent, the author drawing you into their world and putting you firmly in their corner. The villain of the piece, Titus, is one of my favourite “bad guys” from YA fiction and there are plenty of edge of the seat moments to be had.


I thought the sense of poetic justice that Heather Hilenbrande brought to the ultimate resolution created a pitch perfect ending to a series that has had me enthralled from beginning to end. I loved it.


Highly Recommended for fans of Young Adult Fiction.


Happy Reading Folks!