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Dead of Night Music - read these in the haunting hours...

Night Music: Nocturnes Volume Two - John Connolly

Publication Date: 27th October (US)  from Atria. 15th October (UK) From Hodder and Staughton


Source: Netgalley (Atria)


A decade after Nocturnes first terrified and delighted readers, John Connolly, bestselling author of thirteen acclaimed thrillers featuring private investigator Charlie Parker, gives us a second volume of tales of the supernatural. From stories of the monstrous for dark winter nights to fables of fantastic libraries and haunted books, from a tender account of love after death to a frank, personal, and revealing account of the author’s affection for myths of ghosts and demons, this is a collection that will surprise, delight—and terrify.


It’s hard to believe actually that it’s been that long since Nocturnes (reviewed further down this page) – I’m a fan of short stories and novella’s, they fill in reading gaps and can be particularly beautiful and intriguing to read when in the right hands and of course they are definitely in the right hands here.


Night Music contains a selection of short haunting stories and two longer novella’s – one of which, The Caxton Private Lending Library and Book Depository, has become one of my favourite tales of all time. I actually read it twice. In fact I might read it again after writing this review…


The collection definitely has something for everyone, including an essay that gives us some insight into the mind of the author, one of those times I think gosh, he should write some non fiction too – These read very differently to the Parker novels – but in a way are all the more brilliant for it, another string to the bow of an extraordinarily talented writer.


Connolly’s prose is intuitive and absorbing, taking the reader to the dark side and enveloping them in a different world – I am hoping that we don’t have to wait another decade for more like this – a bit of a masterclass in the art of the short story, whilst this author and Mr King are still writing them, I don’t think we need fear the death of the format.


Fantastic. Highly Recommended.