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In the Name of Love

In the Name of Love - Patrick Smith

In The Name of Love is a slowly gripping and intricately haunting novel about love and loss – and murder.

Dan retires to the island life after losing his wife unexpectedly – atttempting to withdraw from the world completely, still he finds other people won’t let him be and despite himself he gets caught up in parts of the community. At the behest of a friend he sets off to rescue a girl trapped in a storm – and so begins a beautifully written and engaging life story that will keep you turning the pages to the end.

This has an unusual construction – the death of Lena Sundman is very much in the end game – instead we watch the path unfold towards the inexorable fact of her death and learn about the islands inhabitants and about Dan himself who is one of the more intriguing fictional characters I have come across lately.

Patrick Smith does not so much give us a murder mystery to solve as he does a character conundrum – Dan and his motivations and actions form the anchor in this story and around him the author weaves a character driven drama that is both emotive and often intuitively ironic.

This book will leave you questioning many things. But it is a brilliantly written novel, something a bit different and definitely comes recommended from me.

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