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PLEASE Don't Leave Me Here. (apparently there is a sequel coming!)

Please Don't Leave Me Here - Tania Chandler

A really excellent psychological thriller this - which has a lot going for it, the fact that it doesnt have the word Girl in the title, even though this is the story of a girl - and whether or not she is a killer - is just an aside that I thought I'd throw out there!

That's not the reason it's so good though,obviously. There is some really excellent writing here, beautiful descriptive prose that gets you right into the head of the main protagonist and a really really intriguing and enthralling story. Whilst there are two timelines to be had here as well, Tania Chandler has chosen to be a lot more straighforward about it, which really helped - and she brings a deep pyschological depth to all the characters that is definitely above and beyond a lot of the similar seeming tales around this year.

Whether or not Brigitte really is a killer or simply a victim that got away may be the anchor to the story as a whole, but this is not so much about THAT as it is about HER. Her life, the relationships she develops, her upbringing and attitude. I really found her to be intensely fascinating and she does have a very hard time of it and although it's possible she once murdered somebody you will root for her all the way.

The resolution is not immediately obvious which is always a huge plus - and this is one of those novels where you are caught up in events from first page to last rather than hoppity skipping through to find out "whodunnit" - in a sense it doesnt really matter, for me this was more about how Brigitte would end up, whether she would face her inner demons and win or lose.

Overall really great stuff. And in answer to a question I saw on Twitter recently - is the Psychological thriller dead - my answer is a resounding NO. That genre lives and breathes in novels like this one.

Highly Recommended.

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