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The Poison Artist. WILL induce google madness

The Poison Artist - Jonathan Moore

The Poison Artist was a deeply disturbing, creepy read that really grabbed me - some incredibly atmospheric writing and a google inducing concept meant that this one had an awful lot going for it.

Caleb is a scientist who is basically falling apart. An incident from his childhood haunts him and despite his intelligence and scientific training he really is a bit of a mess. Working currently on a project about pain, he meets and becomes obsessed with an enigmatic woman he meets one night out drinking..

This was very intense in its prose, and in it's execution, as Caleb spirals ever downwards. There is some fascinating background information about poisons woven into the plot and yes, this is where whenever you put the book down, you may go google crazy looking things up - just because it is horrifyingly interesting.

As for the tale itself beyond that, it is VERY creepy in places, Jonathan Moore has a way of describing situations and feelings that just gives you a little shiver - that feeling that you want to be looking over your shoulder all the time. There is a killer on the loose, the intriguing truth behind Caleb's childhood trauma and a lot of moving parts that are all highly compelling within the story and it is all really excellent and addictive.

The mystery element is terrific, you are never really sure what is going on or what might happen next - the flow of it is excellent and Mr Moore cranks up the tension as the finale approaches and right up until almost the last page I wasn't sure where it was going to go.

Overall really really good. An author I will most definitely return to. One to watch in 2016.

Happy Reading Folks!