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Motive: An Alex Delaware Novel - Jonathan Kellerman

I've been a fan of the Alex Delaware series right from the start (well I say from the start, I read the first 6 or so all in a heap and since then have not missed a single one) and they never fail to get my reading mojo going - excellent reads every time.

Milo of course. Can't have Alex without Milo - the best "buddy" pairing around in crime fiction as far as I am concerned and both are on top form in "Motive" as Milo is landed with a randomly strange case involving dead bodies and a lot of food stuff. As Alex is his go to guy for the weird and horrific, they start to try and make some sense of it all. But as ever these things are never easy and before we know it BAM things are getting darker..

I'm a big fan of the prose that Kellerman uses to involve the reader in the plot, it just kind of gently flows over you but before you know it you are engrossed and utterly addicted. The characters have grown so beautifully over time, with all the ups and downs, you know them so well - and yet every time you have something new and even after all this time those we know best can act in an unpredictable manner - it keeps things fresh and never fails to keep you intrigued.

Motive was basically another great story, involving some terrifically drawn characters with all the disturbing twisty turns you can hope for within a series that could potentially run a good few years yet. Here's hoping.

Happy Reading Folks!