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Liars Inc. Liar liar pants (possibly quite literally) on fire....

Liars, Inc. - Paula Stokes

Liars Inc is a beautifully twisty turny YA tale that flows beautifully and is really gripping - some great characters and an addictive writing style made this an easy and fast read that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Liars Inc - set up by a group of friends to make a little money. Forge the odd note, make the odd "pretend parent" phone call amongst other things and soon the cash is pouring in. A lie though, once told, can flow outwards like ripples in a pond and soon at least one of our group finds himself in hot water.

Its a clever little tale to be sure, the author does a great job with the ongoing twists and works nicely around the readers assumptions to make it unpredictable and fun to read. Max as a main protagonist is eminently likeable even as he occasionally does some downright stupid things so you are very involved in his trauma and with him all the way. I especially liked the interaction and tangled relationship between Max, his girlfriend and his best friend - the core trio that we are concerned with here.

Paula Stokes has weaved her web around some real life issues - adoption, fitting in, sense of self, that gives it a stroke of poignancy and is handled very well within the plot. Whilst it is, yes, sometimes a little unrealistic on the mystery element side (but then if everyone behaved sensibly this novel would have ended at around page 10 so you know, creative license and all that) the personal emotional side means that you don't really care.

Overall a very well written and engaging YA story with some great little twists, a fascinating set of characters and an entirely captivating conundrum to solve. One Lie many consequences. Good stuff.

Happy Reading Folks!