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#PleaseRetweet - Emily Benet

Absolutely NOT my sort of thing this, upon first perusal. I mean on top of a lot of other things it has Romance. I don’t do romance. Except in this case (and one or two other rare ones ) I kind of do. Fun I like. And this was the best fun I’ve had with a book when it comes to sheer laugh out loud moments in a long long time.

I was tempted in by the whole social media aspect – I spend many happy hours online as my daily to do list disappears into the black hole that is Twitter and it is a place rife with the possibility of stories to be told. Ironic things happen there, scary things, hiliarious things and of course many many cat pictures.

With precision and witty insightfulness, Emily Benet takes apart our Twitter lives by giving us a character whose whole life becomes one long tweet and facebook status – when May starts her new job and has to juggle pretending to be many different people hilarity ensues, she ends up in all kinds of trouble and any reader along for the ride is going to be spitting tea out, insanely giggling on the bus and often nodding along in quiet agreement with some of the observations.

Poor May. Really. With her phone surgically attached, an endless need to check all her notifications, her world one of many balls in the air not really helped by the personality of her personalites – some of whom are nasty some of whom are vaguely ridiculous ALL of whom you will recognise as having similiarites to someone you have seen online.

From feeling validated by favourites, wondering if you are just not interesting if no-one responds to your status update, to accidentally thinking in hashtags, all the wonderful realities of any person who spends a lot of time online are right here and not exaggerated to caricature levels- just put into a wonderfully heartwarming story and one woman’s journey to the other side, where perhaps it might be said that there are more important things than Twitter…

Nooo…surely not!

If you’ve ever lost 3 hours when you meant to only be 10 minutes checking your messages, if you have ever rolled your eyes at the completely stupid things people tweet then wonder why the hoards descend, if you’ve ever clapped your hands over your eyes having sent a random thing out into the internet ether that you really didn’t mean to then you will love this book.

If you like a story with realistic characters doing the things we all do, love a tale of hilarious woe that lifts your spirits, if you are fond of witty dialogue and a bit of a an ironic dig at human nature then Emily Benet’s #PleaseRetweet is definitely for you.

I loved it.