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The Hand that Feeds You - Review

The Hand That Feeds You - Marvin A. Rich

The Hand That Feeds You is a psychological thriller that has an awful lot going for it. The addictive quality is spot on, I read this in one sitting, readability factor high.

When Morgan comes home to discover that her fiancee is dead, her dog's are the culprits, she has a breakdown. Upon recovery she discovers that he was not who he claimed to be, in fact nobody seems to know who he is. Further investigation shows that she is not the only one he has been taken in by him and death seems to follow him around...

Overall though I had a few issues here. The resolution is so predictable, unbelievably so, although right up until the last moments I did wonder if the authors were doing a terrific job of misdirection. No though. My guess is that YOUR first guess at the ultimate "bad guy" will be the right one. Now I don't necessarily mind that, when you read as many of these types of books as I do surprises are few and far between. Still that was a slight disappointment given the quality of the writing and the depth of storytelling that had gone before.

Also at points for me the plot got over convoluted and nonsensical, especially in relation to the actions of certain characters. Of course a reader needs a modicum of suspension of disbelief when reading this type of novel, if everyone behaved sensibly you wouldn't have much of a story - still I did often find myself saying out loud "But WHY would you do that?"

On the plus side I did like Morgan as a character although she was actually entirely unlikeable. She is set up as intelligent and proactive yet has a decent amount of vulnerability. She's a bit of a victim (in fact that was one of my things - really, how many times can you get into that type of trouble in one lifetime?) who's dry yet engaging character voice kept me turning those pages. I also enjoyed the "dog" elements of the tale, liked how the authors created little pockets of interaction between the players that gave flashes of insight into their motivations and the mystery element is well imagined if a little bit of an ultimate letdown.

Overall I would definitely recommend this for fans of psychological thrillers mainly because, despite some flaws, this is one of those books that you won't be able to put down once you've turned the first pages.

Happy Reading Folks!