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The Sisters - Review

The Sisters - Claire Douglas

The Sisters is a tense and very gripping psychological thriller, totally twisted in the best way possible – in this case rather than one protagonist you just can’t work out and who will drive you mad, you have two.

Abi has lost her twin and is a bit lost herself. Seeing Lucy everywhere she goes, she suffers a breakdown – we meet her later as she is trying to build a new life away from all the horror of her past – then she meets Bea. Free spirit Bea reminds Abi hauntingly of Lucy and is also a twin, they are drawn together. But everybody is hiding something and when Abi moves in with Bea, her brother, and their artistic set things start to get slightly odd.

This flowed from the page like the fastest running river you can imagine, as we jump between Abi and Bea and their thoughts and perceptions – but who is lying, who is truthful, is one of them mad, perhaps even both or is something else entirely going on? Who knows ( well me now obviously) but on the journey I had no clue – I just knew that I was caught up in the lives of these two girls, sympathetic and trusting first one then the other before bouncing back to “I have no clue” and clutching my head.

The narrative style is perfect for this type of tale – creeping up on you, bright sunshine and seemingly happy people but underneath it all a distinctly menacing feel – Claire Douglas builds the tension absolutely superbly, changing the game with almost every other chapter and keeping you firmly off kilter.

Add to that some extraordinarily fascinating characters, a really clever and intelligent plot, some perfect scene setting and a distinct tendency to sneak things up on you, this was a really terrific read. There are quite a few novels around this year that focus on siblings and family dynamic, this is one of the best I’ve read for sheer depth of perception and I really do highly recommend it.