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The Silent Ones - Review.

The Silent Ones - Ali Knight

The Silent Ones was something of a mixed read for me - the feel of the novel and the initial plot development was brilliantly addictive, but then went off in a direction that I wasn't sure quite fitted with the set up.

The most interesting portion of The Silent Ones comes in the form of Olivia - the "bad guy" - in a secure unit for murder,hiding secrets and there was a great depth to her and a pull that kept me reading. When Darren, one of the relatives of a possible murder victim takes a job at the jail in order to confront her, this was potentially going to be an extremely compelling read.

Ultimately it both was and was not - the twist was kind of uninspiring but the book was still very intense in places, when the author was exploring the more psychological aspects it was very well done.

Ali Knight writes with an involving and very readable style - There was a lot about The Silent Ones that I truly thought was fabulous, I would definitely recommend it for fans of thrillers. For me though it didn't quite hit the mark on a purely emotional level, but that said an interesting and intriguing premise with some great writing throughout.

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