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Darkness Brutal - Review.

Darkness Brutal (The Dark Cycle Book 1) - Rachel A. Marks

I LOVED this one. Thanks to Khan for bringing it to my attention.

Darkness Brutal is a Young Adult urban fantasy story that has some really terrific and imaginative world building, a cast of eclectic characters all of whom were well drawn and emotionally connectable and a really rocketing plot with monsters and magical mayhem galore.

There were a couple of things that made this so addictive for me - first the very low key focus on romance, I often find that when there is too much "boy meets girl and spends half the book gazing into her eyes" I grow bored but Rachel Marks has walked the line here brilliantly. Secondly the world building is some of the most ingenious and vivid I have seen for a while within this genre - the author gives you a real feel for the things that hover beneath the surface of the world we know, it is superbly plotted and very compelling.

The writing is punchy and darkly humerous, Ms Marks developing the relationship between her characters and the world they live in, and by extension the reader's relationship with them, in a really gripping way - while you are reading it you believe every word. Plenty of action, offset with some more emotional moments manage to endlessly engage you as a reader and as things head into a very traumatic and intuitive finale (Gosh do I want the next book now!) you will be in it all the way.

Also really enjoyed how some myth and biblical legend was woven into the narrative, giving it a kind of a grounding and for me it was the ensemble cast and the intricacies of plot detail that made this so fantastic.

Highly Recommended for YA fans of all ages.

Happy Reading Folks!