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The Comfort of Black - Review.

The Comfort of Black - Carter Wilson

The Comfort of Black is a fast paced, very addictive thriller that packs quite a punch - it also manages to incorporate a fascinating character study when it comes to main protagonist Hannah - a woman whose past truly haunts her.

Hannah is seemingly happily married. They are wealthy, live a good life and despite Hannah's propensity to hit the bottle all seems mostly well. Then a sleepy muttering and a disturbing video turn Hannah's cosy world upside down and she begins to wonder if she ever really knew the man she married..

I thoroughly enjoyed this one - there is a little bit of an unlikely streak when it comes to some of the very comprehensive and well written twists and turns - but in a way that all adds to the overall feel of the story being told as Hannah hits a brick wall of sinister revelations that make her run for her life.

I do think this is perhaps the most appropriately titled novel I have read for a while - in that the author brings the title into the narrative in a sublimely clever way in several plot strands. There is a beautiful exploratary depth to the unfolding drama that hides just beneath the surface of the action packed portions - one of those character driven tales that manages to thrill and make you shiver whilst exploring realistic themes of nature v nurture and the inner strengths that can surface within us when faced with adversity.

The plot fairly crackles along - it is paced pretty perfectly with some wow moments placed in harmony with the rest of the shenanigans, the character dialogue is fast and occasionally ironically humerous and all in all I would definitely recommend this one for fans of action and psychological thrillers alike.

Happy Reading Folks!