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The Other Me - review

The Other Me - Saskia Sarginson

I'm a fan of this author's previous works so was delighted to receive a copy of The Other Me - and it was more of treat than expected, a little different to what you might think looking at the tagline and a very emotional and moving read about coming to terms with family history.

When we meet Klaudia, she is a teenager who is ashamed of her parents. Nothing new there you might say, but her family has a history and background that is somewhat different. Later she reinvents herself as Eliza in an attempt to leave it all behind, but the past has a way of staying with you and Eliza must face it head on if she is to be truly happy.

This was really beautifully written, the different viewpoints serving to elicit a really emotional response to the story - I found the portions where we follow Ernst through some of the war to be particularly gripping. I'm keen not to give too much away here, this is a story that highlights how the past can be hidden within myth and assumptions made that are at odds with the truth. What Saskia Sarginson has managed to do is show that up, Eliza's outlook on her family is very skewed, coloured by what she thinks she knows and by others reactions to her.

The story unfolds at a perfect pace allowing you to sink into the lives of the characters, there is much to debate in your head as you go and this is one of those books that will stay with you long after finishing it. Really terrific stuff.

As I said,I'd rather keep this brief enough that you can discover the story for yourself. Definitely recommended and I can't wait to see what the author brings us next. I shall be one of the first in line.

Happy Reading Folks!