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After Anna - Review

After Anna - Alex Lake

“After Anna” is a superbly crafted and really most addictive psychological thriller – one that will keep you up all night (I know, after all it just did that to me) – some cutting edge characters and really insightful writing that brings the whole thing to life and really does not allow you to put it aside. For anything. Let alone sleep.

So Anna disappears. Then reappears. After that things get REALLY dangerous…

A couple of things I loved about this one – first of all, even though you know from the blurb that Anna will come back, the intelligence of the plotting and the theme that runs through the portion of the novel that deals with her disappearance will still have you on the edge of your seat and will illicit an emotional response. Looking at the pure horror from a parents point of view of losing a child and not knowing what has happened – peppered with a really authentic take on how the press and public at large may perceive such parents – the first part of the story is highly intriguing and very very involving.

The second thing is the sheer exhileration of the character development. Seriously. I loved them/hated them/was suspicious of them/cheered for them – at different points as things developed I’m sure I went through the whole emotional spectrum.

I’m being extraordinarily careful here to give absolutely nothing away. The intricate web that the author weaves round the ensemble, their tangled interpersonal relationships, their personality traits, history and motivations all blend together beautifully to complete the whole and make for a really really excellent read. To know almost anything at all about any of them might spoil those little twisty “moments” that this novel has in spades and what makes it rise above the standards of the genre. So go in cold. You won’t be disappointed.

I’m aware that this author is working here under a pseudonym – I’d like to know who they are AKA simply so I can ensure I read everything they’ve ever written no matter what the genre. With storytelling this good I might even be tempted to read their shopping list.

Highly Recommended

Happy Reading Folks!