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The Hiding Place - Review.

The Hiding Place - John Burley

The Hiding Place by John Burley is a superb psychological thriller which re-invents itself throughout as the story unfolds.

Lise works at Menaker - there she treats some of the most damaged patients, one day Jason arrives, no paperwork, no history, nothing. As she begins to delve into his psyche it becomes apparent that there is a lot more going on here and there may be real danger ahead..

The tale is fast paced and addictive as Lise uncovers a conspiracy and ends up fighting for her life. The author has constructed this in a really impressive fashion, starting as it does as a a character driven interaction piece as Lise and Jason start their therapy, then moving into crime and mystery as secrets start coming to light then morphing into a full on action thriller before retreating back to where it started. It keeps you on your toes, every element is perfectly placed to develop everything else and John Burley builds and builds the suspense until you are literally sitting on the edge of your seat.

Some real life issues are tackled very well, the ultimate resolution is pitch perfect whether you see it or not and overall this was absolutely top notch and comes highly recommended from me.

Happy Reading Folks!